“A few month’s ago I ordered your CBD oil on a whim and to be honest,  I didn’t really believe it could help me with my chronic pain. But since I started using the capsules, I’m a new person. At first I cut back on my opioids, but now I am almost opioid free for the first time in 10 years. Thank you so much!”

Kirstin Everton / Apple

“My name is Mike and my anxiety and panic attacks were something I learned to live with. I started using your capsules daily and it has changed my life. Panic attacks are gone and my anxiety level is the best it has ever been. I also use the drops when I need a little extra anxiety protection. So grateful. Thank you Ordinary Vegan.”

Mike Lloyd / Yahoo

“I recommend Ordinary Vegan’s CBD capsules to everyone. I work retail and have fibromyalgia and it’s working very well – one pill each day to control pain.”

Andy Guscott / Google

“Hi – I wanted to share my experience with your CBD capsules in hope that it helps others. I have suffered with depression and anxiety on and off since the 70s. I am now 65. The happy tablets just didn’t seem to work anymore then someone mentioned CBD Oil. I have never looked back since taking it. Besides it changed my moods it also got rid of back pain I had. But basically I wake up in the morning feeling happy again :)”

Jane Bit / Nike

“I am 80 and have been taking your CBD oil for two months for neck pain that I have suffered from since 2011. Since taking your oil the pain has gone so I am re-ordering.  Thanks for your product.”

Loyd Washington / Uber

“I have rheumatoid arthritis and have tried so many medications. After 30 days on YOUR CBD oil from hemp, I am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you CBD AND THANK YOU ORDINARY VEGAN!”

Brigit Guscott / Adobe